On photography

DSC_0151I love to take long solitary walks with headphones in my ears and a camera in my hand. Capturing what I see in form of data which could outlive the moment, outlive the camera and outlive me. And I actually keep a secret about the way I approach photography. One secret I have never shared with anyone.

Photography is about a camera as writing is about the of the typewriter you use. A camera is at its best when you don’t have to think about it.

Photography is the art of looking. It is about your eyes, mind, heart and soul. If you don’t have an interesting way of looking at the world, it is likely that your pictures never stand out. But don’t worry, your perspective is unique.



Photography is about becoming one with the machine. You need to fall in love with your camera; intertwine with it. For me a camera really feels like a natural extension of my body. And the more I forget about it, the more likely I am to make a good picture.

Photography is a way to convert your soul into pixels. Create a digital version of an emotion. It is sublime, beautiful and sophisticated marriage of technology and humanity.

What’s the secret? I don’t have a clue how about how do I do it. I haven’t read a single book, haven’t followed any tutorials, somebody just told me what aperture is, how does shutter speed affect ISO and what do the different modes on Nikon DSLR do. I could explain all the knowledge I have about photography in a 30 minute lecture. The rest is impossible to pass on. It’s who I am, I cannot teach that to anyone.